Wind quintets are one of the most colorful chamber music formations there is!
With enthusiasm and ambition, five young Brazilians strive to demonstrate this in a creative way.

Founded before the start of the Corona pandemic in 2020, the Europe-based ensemble has made it its mission to present a fresh and contemporary repertoire. Under great influence of the Villa Lobos Quintet, the wind quintet of the OSESP (São Paulo Symphony Orchestra), the five young musicians aim to spread Brazil's classical and traditional music.

The artists creatively share the cultural wealth they have encountered throughout their own careers with European audiences – including works of classical literature, recently composed works and arrangements, but also traditional and popular Brazilian music.
The large number of specifically commissioned works and arrangements by the ensemble is particularly unique. The quintet's musical ideas and impulses flow directly into the music and build up an intimate personal relationship with the musicians.

Follow the Brazilian Winds Ensemble on its journey through Germany, get to know Brazilian culture and look forward to exciting insights into the musical diversity of a modern quintet.

June 9, 2024